My office goes 10 GB for less than $200.00

Yes! you read correct. It is a small build out but none the less my machines are up to 10 GB. That’s 10 times the speed of the standard 1 GB Ethernet connection. 

The how? Mikrotik has a new switch out that has 4 – 10 GB SFP+ ports and 1 – 1 GB copper port. $149 was the cost. I put Mellanox (sp?) cards in my machines – $38 for the pair and used SFP+ DACs (direct access cables that had the SFP+ connectors on already) The cost was $14 a piece.

It was a fairly simple process. With Microsoft Windows 10 Pro it was plug and play. I used Winbox to get into the Mikrotik switch by mac address and changed it to my net configuration. 

It is a great way to start out a progression to 10 GB network transfers. Server, NAS, etc can go on the 10 GB switch while the 1 GB devices can stay at 1 GB. It is a small migration path but nice start for my business network.

If your office would like to explore 10 GB networking call the experts at Scroggin Networks LLC – 318-599-9621.

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