Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What's included in the free consultation?

This is where I get to know your business and it's principals. I will ask a lot of questions, see what technology you have, how you use your technology and what problems you wish to address. We will also discuss how I think I can best help you and go over pricing.

My office has decided to proceed. What's next?

I will schedule a time to come out and work with an assigned person. I will go through all your technology, item by item, checking configurations, documenting and generating my suggestions. I do this at an hourly rate.

Let's do a monthly contract. What do we do?

I will install monitoring software on all the devices that have been identified as needed to be monitored and maintained. I will also install anti virus on the machines, remote software to allow me access when I don't need to be there in person as well as set up backup software. I will also make my self available to you on an hourly basis based on the bulk amount of hours you purchase each month and at a discounted contract rate. All other work done in the month above the amount of contract hours will be billed at my normal open rate.

What are your rates?

This depends on the contract. My open rate is $100 an hour. Since I moved to the market recently I have been working on a 30% discount.

At present, I do not sell parts. I will happily specify and procure parts, supplies, machines and devices that may be needed for you without any markup costs. You may purchase them yourself or simply reimburse me if I need to get the part. You pay me for my time and labor. I do not mark up parts. This saves you a considerable amount of money on your hardware costs.

How does the hosted pbx telephone service work?

The phone system is a cluster of servers in New York. It is provisioned for your use to handle your phone lines and numbers, fax, auto attendant, and phones. The cost of a line of service is $25.99 a month which includes a free desktop phone. The phone or device connects securely through the Internet. I will run tests on your network to make sure it is perfectly tuned to handle voice calls.

What other services do you provide?

My customers like that I can go through a comcast or at&t router and make sure it is secure, working properly and at a price and speed level that is appropriate.

I also handle email problems and migrations, if needed. I usually recommend Office 365 for exchange email and Office 2016 if needed. Google Apps for Business is also a good product. I have a lot of customers also using GoDaddy too.

This is really an open ended question. I have to be able to support all the devices that's needed to have a quick, efficient computer network. I work with specialty software vendors, set up VPNs for remote access, install, fix, backup, support servers, fix wireless speed and range problems, spec out and execute specialty projects, add new network jacks, fix cabling .. well as you can see this can be a pretty long list.

Do you have local references?

Sure. Upon request I will give you some of my clients to call and check out my work if you wish.

How do I get started?

Call me / text me 318-599-9621 or fill out the short contact form. I will schedule with you to come to your office and see if we are a good business partnership. Pick up the phone .. ask as many questions as you want.